About Us

Vee Technologies USA is a fast-growing global transaction services company, delivering total back-office processing solutions to help organizations of all sizes reduce costs by allowing them to focus on their core business.

Every day we work as a trusted, extended arm for customers with their critical and strategic processes. As a result, organizations in a wide range of industries can achieve their most critical business objectives faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Vee Technologies USA was founded in 2010 to bring improved ‘local’ service to our customers. Headquartered in New York City but with offices and teams spread across the continental U.S., our experts are Americans who spent their careers in top companies like Accenture, IBM and more.
Our Beginning

From Education, to Textiles, to Technology: Vee Technologies was born from humble beginnings and has grown into a global services company.

In the 1920’s, when most of India was happy to simply have a decent job, we were fortunate and truly blessed to have Karumuthu “Karumuttu” Thiagarajar Chertier as our inspirational leader and founder of our parent company, Sona Valliappa Group. Karumuttu had a vision. He wanted to create thousands of jobs so that his own career ambitions would support the needs and growth of many and better his community. He established a textile empire, which went on to become one of the largest in the world. He also founded one of the biggest private banks in India, The Bank of Madura.

Being a visionary and not solely an entrepreneur, Karumuttu felt that the best way to contribute to and develop India was to create educational institutions of higher learning. By providing a better education for the people, the outcome is a talent pool of better-educated people for the work force, including his own Group of companies. Towards this end, he setup various educational institutions like Thiagarajar Polytechnic, Thiagarajar Engineering College, Thiagarajar College of Arts, and the Thiagarajar Preceptor College. This led the citizens of India to create a fitting title for our founder, Karumuttu: “Kalaithanthai”, which means The Father of Education.

Our founder’s strong belief in democracy and an independent India led him to join the Indian National Congress. There he became friends with the Father of the Indian Nation and undeniably the most famous Indian in history, Mahatma Gandhi. Their relationship grew and, in fact, it was in Karumuttu’s house in Madurai that Gandhi decided to alter a part of his life forever. One day while visiting Karumuttu’s home, Gandhi went outside and realized that nearly all the working-class men were shirtless.

Gandhi said: “If a true Indian man cannot afford a shirt and does not wear one, and if I have to represent them, I have to be and feel like one. After saying this he removed and threw his shirt to the ground, never to wear it again. “Therefore, from today onwards I am not going to wear shirts.”

It wasn’t until many years later that Vee Technologies was born. Our parent company entered into business process outsourcing in 1984, when Texas Instruments decided to partner with the Sona Valliappa Group for its foray into India. In fact, the Vee Technologies HQ in Bangalore is located in the same building that was occupied by Texas Instruments back in the 70s, the first global technology company to open offices in the world’s 2nd Silicon Valley. Our building is still home to the first-ever satellite dish in Bangalore, which caused a legendary stir as it was transported through the city on a bullock cart and right up to the doors of Sona Towers … our home.